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Bookkeeping Services in Lake Havasu City

If you are wondering, “What does a bookkeeping service do?” this will answer your question. Backbone for Your Business, LLC is a full-service bookkeeping and accounting service provider and Lake Havasu City bookkeeper, nestled along the shoreline of the Colorado River in Arizona.

Our standard bookkeeping services include accounts payable and accounts receivable, setting up new business books, business tax preparation, personal income tax prep, payroll services and payroll tax services, auditing and financial statements, and much more.

People also ask what is the average cost of a bookkeeper, another way of saying “How much should accounting services cost?” There is no single right answer, because one business may require full service, including profit & loss and account reconciliations, while another business may only require help with budget preparation.

We provide a personalized and customized approach, and so we can quote your cost of bookkeeping based on your specific needs, so you won’t be paying for any unnecessary or unwanted services. Also, based on whether you require monthly, quarterly, or annual services. Matthew Sisco and his team have decades of experience, and hundreds of satisfied bookkeeping and accounting clients.

They are experts at helping you decide what bookkeeping services are right and appropriate for your business. Sometimes just deciding whether you need just the standard bookkeeping services, or a more complete and robust solution, is a difficult one, but we can help you through whatever accounting minefields you feel are slowing your business down. We can help you make decisions about employee benefit packages, how tax implications will impact your bottom line, and how to set up or modify your chart of accounts.

We have been bookkeepers providing accounting services for many years, and chances are we have already helped a business similar to yours, so we have an understanding of the specific accounting requirements that affect your business. We won’t assume we know your business, however. We’ll listen to your accounting and bookkeeping concerns, and work with you to arrive at workable, real-world solutions that fit your business like a glove.

Call us today at 928-733-0495 and talk to a bookkeeping expert about your business accounting needs today. Ask us any questions, including what is the purpose of accounting services? Or what are the 4 types of accounting? We promise you, there are no unimportant questions, and we’ll take the time to completely answer any questions you have, including the most important one of all… how can a Lake Havasu City bookkeeping service help me?

We provide everything so you will know exactly what is included in full service bookkeeping, and we do so throughout the region surrounding Lake Havasu, including Crystal Beach and Desert Hills. Some of our most in-demand services are cleaning up existing accounting systems and catching up ignored accounting systems.

No matter what condition your current bookkeeping system is in, even if you have ignored or been unable to keep it up to date, we can help. Call Backbone For Your Business today at 928-733-0495.